regaining function

We bought my WalkAide in May 2012. It, Oscar as he is called, changed my life. My drop foot had become such an impediment to my mobility that I rarely went anywhere by myself, and if I did, it certainly wasn’t very far. I started with an AFO, but for the distances I wanted to walk, I needed something more–something that would stimulate my peroneal nerve, responsible for lifting your toes, with each step. We had a brief honeymoon until my hands gave out in June from RA, and I couldn’t use a cane because I could no longer use my hands. By the time we went to Japan in September of that same year, I was again able to walk with a cane but was so fatigued from not being able to do anything for several months and the combined effect of two incurable illnesses that I brought my wheelchair, as well. read more