I watched a webinar last night by Dr. Terry Wahls. If you don’t recall, she’s the woman, a physician, who has cured her progressive MS with diet. She has an amazing TED talk which I previously posted in this blog post.

I came away with several things about her that I did not previously know:

• She said when she read Cordain’s book on paleo, it made scientific sense to her which is why she decided to go paleo.
• When she initially went paleo in 2002, it was mostly taking wheat and dairy out of her diet. She’s been a vegetarian for a long time, so she found the conversion to eating meat very difficult. She did a lot of meat broths to try to get used to the idea and didn’t initially consume meat as she now does (grass-fed beef, organ meats, fish). You might say that in the beginning, she went gently into paleo. I believe that might be true for many people.
• The answer to her remarkable recovery from the disease state of MS is paleo plus functional medicine.
• It was difficult for her to align her thinking as a traditionally-trained MD with the idea that diet has this much of an impact on our health. read more