Edwin is home

Edwin and his preferred human.

Edwin and his preferred human.

After several complications, we are happy to report that Edwin is home. For all of you geeks, his surgery was the installation of a bilateral subcutaneous ureteral bypass system. Our cat has been “modified”.




We cancelled our trip to Japan because Edwin, the brown tabby of the household, had emergency surgery Friday, March 21. Japan will always be there, but there’s only one Edwin. We visit several times a day and are honored to see his steady recovery.

staying paleo in Japan

How does one remain paleo while traveling, particularly in Japan, where soy is such a huge part of the diet? From different types of tofu, soy sauce, etc. to soy beans in everything from green tea treats to donuts and bread, visitors are deluged with different ways to consume soy. Not a good idea for someone who espouses paleo and the belief that legumes are not a good thing to be eating—particularly if you are autoimmune like I am and are concerned about other possible GI problems with soy.

I bring a piece of paper written in Japanese and English which reads: read more


I distinctly remember reading this article in the NY Times. My hands already hurt from what I suspected was RA yet to be diagnosed, and I felt utterly defeated. Our neighbors kids were visiting for the summer, and they were outside. I could see them out the window to the left of where I sat at my computer. I had the flash of walking upstairs to get my pistol, out into the yard (don’t make a mess inside), and killing myself. I thought that would be a rather rude thing to do to those kids so I sat glued to my chair. That was my exact thought process. read more

paleo bandwagon

I received an email recently from an web-based Italian-type food store where I used to purchase pasta etc. prior to discovering my gluten problem and going paleo. They are trying to cash-in on people practicing the paleo lifestyle by advertising food products they believe will fit in well including vinegar, tomato sauce, and honey. While I cannot consume vinegar, tomato sauce, or honey, many people eating paleo DO consume these items. Just be aware of what you are consuming and how it may impact your health. read more

preparing food list for Japan

We’re getting ready for the spring trip to Japan which means I start trying to remember what to bring on a trans-Pacific plane flight such that I can survive with enough calories and not poison myself with airplane food.

I haven’t consumed airline food in decades, but my diet has become even more restricted with the allergies which I was previously unaware of (gluten, eggs, etc). The trick is that you want to bring things to snack on. One wants to snack when you are on a plane for over 10 hours—okay, when you’re on a plane for over 15 minutes. When the crew walks the aisles calling, “cookies, chips, and candy,” you don’t want to be in a position to have to accept any of it only to regret it when you arrive at your destination, or worse, before. read more

smoothie experiment

I’d rather eat my food than drink it as I know that your brain looks differently upon drinking calories and eating calories, and I just like chewing my food. For this reason, I embark on this experiment to include vegetable smoothies–in order that I might add EVEN more vegetables to my diet–with a bit of trepidation. I’m not particularly concerned about calories; however, if I’m not going to be satiated after drinking a bunch of kale, please remind me again why I am doing this. read more

taxes and supplements

Just a quick note to let everyone know that, yes, your nutritional supplements are a medical deduction IF and ONLY IF they meet the following criteria.

• Nutritional Supplements
You cannot include in medical expenses the cost of nutritional supplements, vitamins, herbal supplements, “natural medicines,” etc. unless they are recommended by a medical practitioner as treatment for a specific medical condition diagnosed by a physician. Otherwise, these items are taken to maintain your ordinary good health, and are not for medical care. read more