leaky gut

Still ruminating on the last Wahls’s post, when I receive an email update from Robb Wolf. So eloquently stated, How to Keep Your Poop Where it Belongs by Jordan Reasoner, enumerates one of the problems I have with Wahls book when it attempts to make things easy and convenient for people who are struggling with autoimmune or other serious health issues.

Yes, paleo is great, and it’s a huge part of the solution, but it doesn’t necessarily address all of the important topics.

enter Jordan Reasoner:

Mistake 1: Eating Holes in Your Gut

If you have leaky gut and you’re still struggling with chronic illness, the 80/20 rule doesn’t fly. Eat gluten on the weekends? Stop it. Occasional beer with your friends? Stop it. The research is very clear that gluten contributes to leaky gut and when it comes to dealing with serious health problems, there’s no room for “Cheat Day.” read more


I’ve been having difficulty with the information (advertising) contained in the emails I automatically receive because I purchased the book, The Wahls Protocol. I seriously wonder at the wisdom of advising people to eat corn chips as a vehicle for kale as does one of her recipes. I wanted to read the book, but I was now having serious reservations. I thought it might be prudent to begin with the table of contents where I found that there are actually three levels to her diet. Reviewing levels of diet left me unimpressed. Again, in my opinion, she’s trying to make it easy or convenient for people (eg actually allowing food items to make it “easier to socialize”), but those caveats could cost them success caused by inflammation due to the foods she’s allowing. read more