fatty liver

This morning’s NY Times contains a very disturbing article: Threat Grows From Liver Illness Tied to Obesity.

Medical professionals have been predicting this problem as they watched our collective waistlines balloon. The problem we speak of is “fatty liver”:

  • Doctors say that the disease, which causes the liver to swell with fat, is particularly striking because it is nearly identical to the liver damage that is seen in heavy drinkers. But in this case the damage is done not by alcohol, but by poor diet and excess weight.

The article contains quotes from several afflicted people:

  • With no drugs to offer him, Gavin’s doctor warned that the only way to reverse his fatty liver was to exercise and change his diet. “They told me to stay away from sugar and eat more fruits and vegetables,” Gavin (13 years-old) said. “But it’s hard.”

Now, one can be unsympathetic to “it’s hard,” but for a 13-year old boy who probably isn’t in control of what is put on the table, you can see the dilemma. He eats what is put in front of him whether it be at home or at school. read more


I remember when I was diagnosed with MS in 1991. Being a scientist, I read everything I could about the disease and the process by which we believed it operated and took apart the nervous system. The thought was that remyelination and adult neuronal repair was not possible. I never believed that. As a trained biologist, it simply didn’t make sense, so I kept believing otherwise.

I’ve witnessed my body repair itself over the years. My initial deficits were on my right side. Those no longer bother me, and current issues are now on my left side. I could at one time fish tea bags from scalding water—that is, thankfully, no longer the case. read more