In the fall of 2009, we started P90X. Being the over-achiever that I am, I enjoyed it immensely. Yes, it’s hard and takes 90 days…but it’s intense, and you see results. I like intense. I didn’t just do it once. I did it four times in a row before I slacked off to a maintenance schedule. None of that, however, is the point. The point is that while I thought I was getting fit and healthy, I was drinking smoothies with bananas, dairy, and whey protein and consuming a workout recovery drink with whey protein. My low-carbohydrate meals included tons of vegetables and meat but also the occasional potato (saponin treasure chest) or worse yet, pasta (my mortal enemy—gluten). Yes, I built a lot of muscle, but little did I know that I was also making my gut more permeable than ever with the gluten (leaky gut) and keeping my body in a full state of inflammation with the sugar (bananas) and allergens I was ingesting (dairy, eggs, gluten). My genetics held the secret I, at that time, had not yet discovered. I didn’t do myself any favors, and worse, set myself up for even more problems which were realized in 2012 with the RA diagnosis.

I still do Beachbody workouts, but I now realize that the company itself is just as brainwashed as everyone else with their approach to a “healthy” diet: dairy, whole grains etc.

Bottom line: if you haven’t been tested for allergies, you may be allergic to the “healthy” food you are eating.

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