die-off: it’s a pain II

Late-breaking news:
Since last November, I occasionally experience the following sensation—a sudden clearing of my nasal airways almost like I am breathing very cold air or sucking on a mentholated cough drop. It is a slight burning and even feels itchy in my nose. The back of my throat is slightly itchy, as well. I feel as if I can’t take a deep breath—almost like I am going to have an asthma attack.

I’ve tried eliminating different foods although my diet has remained constant throughout this period. I have been unable to pinpoint the source of my discomfort though I have done MANY experiments.

While typing away one day, I experienced the strange sensation yet again and began searching for it in my immediate vicinity. I couldn’t find it, but I immediately put on a surgical mask thinking we’ll find out if it’s external or internal. Answer: external. I don’t experience the sensation when I have a mask on. We’re currently testing for mold given Boulder experiences one hell of a flood last September.

My functional medicine MD has the following to say:

  • That is actually great if external vs. internal. I think wise to be sure there is no mold spores in the air b/c this is one of the most potent allergic sensitizers. Once a patient has internal yeast issues, they often develop “yeast/mold hypersensitivity syndrome” and react very strongly to exposure to environmental molds/chemicals. Of course water damage is a big risk factor for mold growth so be sure to check very carefully or have a professional come out to examine your basement.

If my histamine reaction is being made worse by my killing off of the Candida population, it should improve over time which is nice to hear.

Note: Only one mold colony grew on the agar plates we distributed around the house. This is very good news; mold growing in now dark corners of the basement from the September flood water is NOT the problem. Happiness.

For more science-laden, geeky, and fascinating information on the “yeast/mold hypersensitivity syndrome” click here.

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