smoothie experiment

I’d rather eat my food than drink it as I know that your brain looks differently upon drinking calories and eating calories, and I just like chewing my food. For this reason, I embark on this experiment to include vegetable smoothies–in order that I might add EVEN more vegetables to my diet–with a bit of trepidation. I’m not particularly concerned about calories; however, if I’m not going to be satiated after drinking a bunch of kale, please remind me again why I am doing this.

I’ve seen several recipes. One from a good friend who is paleo (coconut milk, kale, ice, mangoes or apples, chia seeds for protein) and a non-paleo person (1 cup greens, 2 cups fruit or fruit juice, and 1 to 2 cups of ice). Yes, yes, paleo folks don’t like seeds, and they DO NOT allow fruit juice. If one wants to debate, there are plenty of people on message boards willing to argue the merits of paleo and any chosen food. I’m decidedly NOT interested. Where does this leave me? I’m allergic to coconut and can’t have the sugar in the full-strength fruit juice or fruit. I don’t have a problem consuming protein so don’t plan to add chia seed. This leaves me with kale, ice, and DILUTE fruit juice—maybe some carrots for sweetness? Yum. But hey, I’m willing to give it a go to see if I can add some MORE vegetables to my diet.

A friend has recommended a specific kind of baby organic kale which is tender and not bitter. I’ll purchase some next time I’m at the store, give it a whirl so-to-speak, and report back.

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