preparing food list for Japan

We’re getting ready for the spring trip to Japan which means I start trying to remember what to bring on a trans-Pacific plane flight such that I can survive with enough calories and not poison myself with airplane food.

I haven’t consumed airline food in decades, but my diet has become even more restricted with the allergies which I was previously unaware of (gluten, eggs, etc). The trick is that you want to bring things to snack on. One wants to snack when you are on a plane for over 10 hours—okay, when you’re on a plane for over 15 minutes. When the crew walks the aisles calling, “cookies, chips, and candy,” you don’t want to be in a position to have to accept any of it only to regret it when you arrive at your destination, or worse, before.

Also needed, obviously, is some type of real meal which is typically a plastic tub of a bit of rice with lots of kale and meat. This x4 has been known to hit the mark for two people. Snack foods include carrot sticks, broiled sweet potato fries, paleo treats from Steve’s Paleogoods for my partner (I am allergic, obviously), dried fruit, jerky or pepperoni sticks, and dark chocolate. I have been known to occasionally cheat while traveling, but I mostly stick to my hard-core diet for fear of ramifications—no dried fruit or chocolate for me. Despite evidence to the contrary, epi-pens and hospitalizations are NOT my idea of vacation.

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