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my afternoon meditation--sencha

my afternoon meditation–sencha

A recent article appropriately titled, Need another reason to drink green tea? How about preventing dementia? appeared recently. The 5-year study conducted by Professor of Neurology, Masahito Yamada of Kanazawa University, looked at the connection between green tea consumption and mental health. What they found was impressive:

• Out of the 157 subjects who said they drank green tea every day, only 18, or 11.5 percent, showed mental disorders. The numbers were similar for the subset that drank green tea one to six times a week, with 29 out of 195, or 14.9 percent, having developed problems.
• In contrast, 43 of the 138 people who said they never drank green tea – a whopping 31.2 percent – displayed signs of diminished mental functions. In other words, drinking green tea daily reduced a person’s risk of developing dementia or dementia-like symptoms to roughly one-third of those who never partook of Japan’s favorite non-alcoholic beverage.

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