Recently on I couldn’t resist watching a video titled, Gluten-free not needed by some.

I was pleasantly surprised to see none-other-than Dr. Mark Hyman of the Ultra Wellness Center on to discuss the issue. Dr. Hyman was my very first introduction to functional medicine as mentioned in this post.

The reporter makes a valid point, the food industry is making big bucks playing off of misunderstanding and fear of gluten.

  • gluten-free products are a $10 billion industry
  • gluten-free purchases went from 5% of households in 2010 to 11% in 2013

Hyman is brilliant in his contribution to the topic. If food has a health claim on the label, it’s probably bad for you. Gluten free cake and cookies is still cake and cookies. It doesn’t mean it’s the best thing for you to be consuming. Eat real food! (author ‘s comment: GO PALEO!) 🙂

He also pointed out the following things:

  • There has been a 400% increase in celiac disease in the last 50 years.
  • Heart attacks and cancers related to gluten sensitivity impact 8% of Americans (about 20 million people)
  • There are people who have gluten sensitivity which is atypical and not testable on a lab test.

So yes, gluten IS a problem for lots of people, but not everyone. He suggests an elimination diet to determine if you DO have a problem with particular food items since, he astutely observes that, most people, “…are not aware what’s going on with them and have the FLC or Feel Like Crap Syndrome.”

The article he mentions which addresses our society’s major problem with refined carbs is also a very nice read.

extra credit:
Everything you need to now to begin an elimination diet

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