The news is out, but how many people will be able to change their habits after a lifetime of avoiding saturated fat like that found in butter and meat?

Study Questions Fat and Heart Disease Link makes you wonder about everything you’ve ever been taught about nutrition and eating in a “healthy” manner.
• The analysis, published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine by an international group led by a team at the UK’s University of Cambridge, included 72 separate studies on heart risk and intake of fatty acids.
• They found no evidence to support guidelines that say people should restrict saturated fat consumption to lower their risk of developing heart disease.

Nina Teicholz’s recently published book, The Big Fat Surprise, holds the answers—most which will leave you shaking your head such as:

• In 1948 Proctor and Gamble, makers of Crisco (unsaturated fat-vegetable oil), basically launched the American Heart Association, previously a tiny group of cardiologists, into a national organization by making them beneficiary to a radio program and making them millions. P&G still promotes their products as heart-healthy to lower your cholesterol.

Conflict of interest, anyone?

Extra credit
TED talk by Nina Teicholz author of The Big Fat Surprise

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