When this email The Benefits of the Paleo Diet in Post Operative Care came across my desk, I was both surprised and unsurprised. Surprised from the view that more healthcare practitioners have not seen the benefits of paleo on their trade and unsurprised because I knew of those benefits first-hand.

In the summer of 2013, I had dental surgery which included an extraction. A temporary bridge was put in place while the socket healed. I returned within a week to have the site examined and later to have the permanent bridge placed. The information the dentist office gave me for “care of the site” was quite detailed including foods I might want to enjoy while I was healing and having difficulty with my mouth. The list included OJ, pudding, yogurt, jello, sports drinks, and other sugar-laden items. Being paleo, and knowing that sugar causes inflammation, I avoided all such items instead opting for real food which had been minced and continuous cups of green tea. I not only drank green tea several times per day, but I also held the warm elixir in my mouth to bathe the extraction site.

When I went in to have the permanent bridge placed, the technician began the tedious work of removing the temporary and cleaning off the cement. When she removed the bridge, she actually recoiled. I quickly asked what the problem was thinking that something with the work and extraction site was not right, and I was due for more surgery. She apologized and said that she’d never seen a site which appeared as mine did—the healing was much more advanced than what was normal for this period of time. She continued to marvel and work soon replacing the temporary and leaving to retrieve the dentist. He removed the temporary to check the fitting of the permanent only to have the exact same reaction that the technician had—recoil and surprise. He, too, said he’d never seen a site which had healed so quickly and asked me how I managed the feat. I told him no sugar and copious amounts of green tea were my secret. I suggested that if he wished to see more such healings, he might think about changing his list of recommended foodstuffs to items which excluded sugar.

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