I remember when I was diagnosed with MS in 1991. Being a scientist, I read everything I could about the disease and the process by which we believed it operated and took apart the nervous system. The thought was that remyelination and adult neuronal repair was not possible. I never believed that. As a trained biologist, it simply didn’t make sense, so I kept believing otherwise.

I’ve witnessed my body repair itself over the years. My initial deficits were on my right side. Those no longer bother me, and current issues are now on my left side. I could at one time fish tea bags from scalding water—that is, thankfully, no longer the case.

Now it is not uncommon to see articles such as this Is neuro-regeneration a reality?, which are examining compounds with neuroregenerative or neuroprotective effects. My functional medicine MD currently has me on nicotinamide riboside, and I certainly approve of the results I’m seeing.

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