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Tecfidera invitation--love  that safety info

Tecfidera invitation–love that safety info

I received this invitation to a MS Smart Session in the mail the other day. It’s an advertisement for Tecfidera;, the new pill for the treatment of MS.

Yes, my neurologist put me on their patient list. Yes, I’ve received their little info kit, and yes, they continue to call and ask when I’m going to begin taking their drug and start handing over a startling amount of money for the privilege (Tecfidera’s wholesale cost is nearly $55K/year; your insurance decides how much you “contribute”).

Imagine how much meat we can purchase with that kind of cash.

I’m paleo and have absolutely no intention of handing Big Pharma anything. I’ve explained this to the minions who have phoned. I’ve even explained that because of paleo and functional medicine, I’m regaining function I previously lost to MS including increased nerve function and mobility. Thank you Dr. Cordain, the father of paleo.

The best part of this invitation is that a free dinner will be served. I’m so curious to know what they will be serving but not curious enough to attend. I know I would not be welcome and neither would my opinions such as their drugs are not required–if only the attendees would adopt a paleo lifestyle.

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