2014-06-17 14.43.14Chocolate. I remember when I first began paleo in August 2012 and realized I couldn’t have sugar. It was devastating, but when I cheated (even a little), my hands became claws from the effects of RA. This was real motivation NOT to have any type or amount of sugar–even dark chocolate with its negligible amount of sugar.

I am happy to report that 2 years later, 6 months into killing off my candida, and several months into killing off my camyplobacter/clostridia populations, I am now able to taste a tiny bit of chocolate without disastrous results to my hands. I just had to do the experiment and it was worth the wait. Associating chocolate with pain is not a healthy thing.

Dr. Perlmutter made my day with this article, The neuroprotective effects of cocoa flavanol and its influence on cognitive performance. Chocolate is good for our brains. Let’s all rejoice and eat chocolate!

PS I have to be excruciatingly careful of the chocolate I eat because of all of my allergies; therefore, I can’t eat brands that profess to be the best “paleo” dark chocolate (highest cocoa percentage) because they are not made in dedicated nut/dairy/gluten/soy-free facilities. I make do quite well with Huey’s Nut free chocolate and boomCHOCOboom bars by Enjoy Life.

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