Is your green tea safe?

Another lovely post about The profound health benefits of green tea from its high anti-oxidant level, lowering mortality rates, lowering cancer risks, and boosting immunity.

This is all well and good, but it is necessary to remember that there is a huge difference between types of green tea. The green tea from China has actually been shown to be toxic in some cases. It is always best to stick with either Japanese green tea or at least an organic green tea to insure purity.

Here’s a great summary from a supplier of Japanese green tea we use, Hibiki-An: Green Tea for Health

Tea is the most commonly drunk beverage in Japan and an important part of the culture of Japan. Because of the importance of green tea to the Japanese people, their culture, and the lack of pollution in their country (as compared with China), Japanese green tea is presumed to be of the highest quality.

The History of Tea in Japan

  • The modern tea ceremony developed over several centuries. The historical figure considered most influential in its development was Sen Rikyū (1522–1591). In fact, both the beverage and the ceremony surrounding it played a prominent role in feudal diplomacy. Many of the most important negotiations among feudal clan leaders were carried out in the austere and serene setting of the tea ceremony. By the end of the 16th century, the current “Way of Tea” was established. Eventually, green tea became available to the masses, making it the nation’s most popular beverage.
bowl #1 or 2 for the evening--matcha

bowl #1 or 2 for the evening–matcha

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    • I agree since matcha is basically grinding up the whole plant and not just steeping the leaves in hot water! Be well!

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