brownies for people who are allergic to everything

The good folks at Paleo Demystified (@allaboutpaleo) thought this too extreme to publish on their blog. Maybe so, but welcome to my world! šŸ™‚

I know you are out there: people who are allergic to coconut, nuts of all varieties, eggs, and the list goes on. This brownie recipe is for you.

I went paleo in August of 2012, but that was just the beginning of this continuing journey. When I saw a functional medicine MD a month later, she was happy to know I was already paleo, but she then ordered all sorts of tests to further understand my body’s state. MS and RA were the easy parts, of course. I also had leaky gut and carried around a not-so-lovely population of clostridia, campylobacter, and candida. I was also highly allergic to coconut, all nuts (tree and non), gluten, brown rice, bananas, pineapple, shellfish, berries, cow dairy, soy, and eggs; this is the short list. I must avoid fermented foods and vinegars (cause excess histamine and fermentation in sensitive guts) while following an extreme autoimmune version of the paleo diet.

On the one hand, this is great. I don’t spend a lot of time trying to replicate all of my favorite recipes with nut or coconut flours. My blender is contaminated by cat food because of the need to tube-feed a recovering feline. No loss there, though. I can’t consume smoothies as I’m allergic to most of the ingredients (nut butter, berries, fruit, coconut milk) and the sugar content is too much for my system anyway–yes, even fructose.

This means eating is a challenge; cooking is even more of one. Problem is that I’m human. I miss cakey-things in my diet, and I miss chocolate. I, obviously, avoid sugar like the plague (for the most part), but the taste of chocolate is separate from that of sugar. Only someone who is paleo and does not consume sugar would understand this distinction. It is not a joke.

My functional medicine MD allows me to add small quantities of white rice (particularly while traveling in Japan which we do twice a year) and goat dairy to my quite restricted diet. Occasional minute quantities of dark chocolate are okay, as well.

Yes, I know, but before you hurl things at my head, and scream,”Rice isn’t paleo,” I urge you to consider several things:

  • My indiscretion has been approved by my functional medicine MD
  • Is baking really paleo anyway?
  • Paleo, or just food for that matter, is a very personal thing.
  • Bottom line – no judging here

White rice is pretty useless as far as nutrition goes, but it is one of the least allergenic of foods. This is the nicest thing I could find:

White rice is a good source of magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, selenium, iron, folic acid, thiamine and niacin. It is low in fiber and its fat content is primarily omega-6 fatty acids, which are considered pro-inflammatory.

Why eat a carb when it does nothing for you nutritionally? Eat a nice sweet potato which is full of good nutrition, and I promise that I do. Making a cakey-thing, however, requires a flour. White rice flour is the only flour I may use or consume which won’t also require the use of an Epi-pen.

That said, I know some big paleo bloggers who admitted to me that they eat rice “all of the time”. No, I won’t name names because to me, this is NOT where we need to be going with this. Karma, people!

Enter my version of brownies. I use organic white rice flour while you could use coconut or nut flours. I use goat butter while you could use grass-fed cow butter. You could even add some honey or maple syrup while I just sprinkle the top with the occasional mini-chocolate chip from Enjoy Life which is guaranteed nut/dairy/soy-free. The addition of the mini-chocolate chips occurred within the last month with the cooperation of my body’s improvements. This works just fine without them if you’re still having problems with ANY sugar! Remember: cakey and chocolate.

1 cup organic white rice flour
1/3 cup high-fat (not Dutched) cocoa powder
6 tablespoons goat butter
1 teaspoon xanthum gum (to make it cakey)
1 teaspoon baking powder (make it rise)
3/4 cup water
Enjoy Life mini-chocolate chips to taste

2014-07-21 14.59.41
Melt butter in a bowl, and add dry ingredients. Top with water and mix thoroughly.
2014-07-21 15.09.14
Spread dough/batter into 7″ non-stick baking pan. Sprinkle with mini-chips to your liking (I don’t use nearly as many as I would like because I’d be in immense pain the next day). Press chips into dough.
2014-07-21 15.13.16
Bake at 350F for 12 minutes.
2014-07-21 15.32.35

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