paleo: two years and going strong

Wow. I don’t even know what to say. I started paleo in total desperation. Trained as a scientist, I believed the dogma we’ve been fed about low-fat diet but mostly how disease works and how we treat it. Diet wasn’t part of that equation. Thank goodness I’m trained well enough to understand Dr. Cordain’s lecture on MS, the biochemistry in Robb Wolf’s book (although no biochemistry knowledge is needed for his humor) and also understand that paleo was the answer. Two years ago, I was in so much pain from RA that I couldn’t use my hands or shoulders. A scientific article had just been published that told me what I’d been injecting for 19 years didn’t REALLY work for MS in the manner originally believed. The word desperate is totally appropriate.

Here we are two years down the line: RA is gone and MS is improving. I’m regaining function I though I’d totally lost, that I’d been told I’d never have again. I take each day as it comes knowing that I will continue to improve with paleo and functional medicine.

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