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I’ve been on a bit of a rampage of late. I discovered a mental block which was impeding my progress and encouraging me to put off several beneficial courses of action until we returned from our fall trip to Japan. I understand that sticking to my strict paleo diet is necessary, but I also know that there may be other pieces of the puzzle to find and incorporate.

Normally I’m trying to get everything done BEFORE we depart so I don’t have a stack of stuff waiting to be done when we return. Somehow I allowed myself to skate past that for several items namely beginning a physical therapy re-education program for my awakening nervous system, making/consuming bone broth on a regular basis, and trying a new med for my Candida problem. Thank you to Emma for unknowingly giving a nudge with her strength and motivation.

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I’m here to report that the last item was cut short due to severe side effects and complications from the Itraconazole. My functional MD and I decided it prudent for me to stop the new course of treatment and return to my happy baseline with SF722 and Allimax before traveling internationally. I think we might have been thinking of the same thing.

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The bone broth got off to a wonderful start with a great tip from Nutrisclerosis to purchase an InstantPot. Once it arrived I easily managed to create my first yummy batch while not driving the household’s six felines crazy with the scent.

I mostly followed the recipe on Nom Nom Paleo’s website. I now consume about 8oz on a daily basis.

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My auntie also chimed in:

Seeing the photos of your bone broth reminded be of something my Grandmother did. She made her own gelatin by boiling chicken feet for a long period of time at a very low temp to preserve the nutrients. When my Dad butchered the chickens, the feet always went by the wayside, none of his customers wanted the feet on. So Grandma was very happy to have them. She used it for making lunch meat. By grinding up meat and adding the gelatin it would make very nice sliceable luncheon meat. And of course they were about as free-range as you could get!!!

The finding a new physical therapist proved to be a bit more difficult. I received a great referral from my functional medicine MD, but it took my new PT and I several sessions (complete with glitches which forced me to address exactly how badly I wanted this) to mesh with each other. I now have no doubt that I was meant to work with this professional. Germaine is a huge part of my team of healers. We began e-stim therapy (neuromuscular electrical stimulation) with my Empi Continuum today.

I know that my WalkAide, Oscar, has made a very large impact on my continued recovery with foot drop, and I trust that using e-stim as Dr. Terry Wahls did will assist in my continued improvement with other muscle groups.

Another piece of the puzzle

Another piece of the puzzle

One might inquire as to whether I ever determined the substance of my mental block. I believe I have an idea that it is a change in perspective from “hoping” that the state of diseases within my body would change to accepting as fact the concrete manifestations of those positive changes. Once I accept that I am indeed improving–RA is nonexistent/MS improving–I need to recognize that I am able to take an active part in improving the situation further. I may actually actively pursue courses of action to facilitate and enhance my improvement.

This is a huge shift from traditional medicine and my scientific background telling me what I’m experiencing was/is simply NOT possible.

extra credit:

Bone Broth and Health: A Look at the Science — Kaayla Daniel, Ph.D., CCN (AHS14)

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