vacation mode

2014-09-03 18.04.36
As we get ready for vacation from finishing up projects to cramming in extra appointments in hopes of lightening the load that we must deal with upon our return from Japan when we will be severely jet-lagged and incapable of dealing with much of anything, it is difficult at times NOT to simply focus on vacation. My partner runs two businesses; one is an online business which always goes into what we call “vacation mode” before we leave: it accepts orders but nothing ships until we return. I somehow feel that we, too, have our own vacation mode where we run about with our hair-on-fire trying to accomplish more than humanly possible while living for that time when we step aboard a plane and are finally, truly on vacation. Let me just point out that this is not a desirable way to live. You run past your life while focusing on a moment in time in the future. Definitely NOT living in the NOW. Vacation is wonderful, but so is life in general. You need to enjoy all of it. From the drive to the grocery store to the wait in a dental office, all experiences offer a chance to learn and experience. One might want to do that fully instead of through the prism of a to-do list or the screen of a phone.

On that note, I think I’ll go out on the deck and enjoy my fading petunias which will surely be gone by the time we return in early October.

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