If being able to trust the chocolate that you eat is paramount, Huey’s is your source.
Huey’s nut-free chocolate

This device is a life-changer. Maybe someday insurance companies will get their act together and cover its purchase. Hope springs…

The father of paleo, Dr. Cordain has written many books on the subject, has an active blog, and a website full of information.
Dr. Loren Cordain
Dr. Cordain’s blog

A student Of Dr. Cordain’s, and a biochemist, Robb Wolfe has an active blog, podcasts, and a very healthy website.
Robb Wolf
Robb’s blog

My functional medicine MD who has, quite literally, saved my butt many times. Phenomenal is the word that comes to mind. Website and blog below.
Dr. Jill Carnahan
Dr. Carnahan’s blog

I wanted to know what, if any, internal blocks were holding me back from regaining my health. An amazing healer, intuitive, and guide, Marcy Neumann is the person you want to work with if you’re interested in finding what’s standing in your way.

My extraordinary integrative physical therapist, Germaine Weaver. She is solely responsible for teaching my body how to walk properly again through re-education, developing an electrical stimulation program for me, and teaching me to be more present in my body. She also does amazing craniosacral work!

My absolutely amazing rolfer, Liz Stewart. Always on call for a little tweak, but she’s who I turn to when I’m in need of a major adjustment.

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