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The author is retired and lives with her long-time partner and 6 cats in Boulder, CO.  She possesses a wicked sense of humor, a sharp tongue, and has little tolerance for nonsense. She and her partner, but not the cats, travel to Japan as often as they are able.IMG_2767

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  1. Hello! Came across your site while reading up on the Paleo diet. I too have MS so I’m very excited to see all of the info you’ve shared! May have more questions in the future. Will be starting Paleo (or at least gluten free) tomorrow!

    • Hi Brittany,
      I’m happy to answer any questions you may have or point you in a direction where you may find answers! 🙂
      The sooner you are paleo and not eating all sorts of inflammatory food the better! Good luck! I’m sure you will do great!

  2. I came across your site while reading about the paleo Diet, all \I want to know is how many meals a day do you eat of paleo, do you rim the fat off and how much?

    • Hi,
      I eat three meals a day. I never trim fat off. Fat is GOOD for you! The RA is still gone and MS is fading away. Please feel free to ask questions. I’m eternally grateful I found paleo and functional medicine!

  3. Hi, I’ve been reading your blog for two days now and am amazed at how you have persevered against all odds, I am in the process of being looked at for recent MS symptoms, also have RA and was interested in all instances of having fought the battle naturally that I could find online. Very encouraging to see that RA and MS battle can indeed be won, even though the fight goes on, must never let the guard down. I was very relieved to see that you are doing very much better, since your posts stopped in 2015. Good luck to you and good health.

    • Hi,
      Yes, I continue to get better every day. I just hit my 4-year anniversary being paleo on August 1, 2016. My 4-year anniversary seeing my functional medicine doc is coming up this September. I still have no RA symptoms. My MS continues to improve. One has to remember that healing is a full-time job. Life kind of interferes at times with undue stress from a death in the family etc. These things can set you back with increased stress, but the important thing is to stick to clean eating and supplements. We recover from the stumbles and continue on the healing path. This, in part, is why I stopped writing regularly. I needed to get on with LIVING and stop dealing so much with recounting my health travails. It’s important to stay positive, and that is sometimes difficult to do if you focus on dwelling on the hardships. It is healthier for me to sit among my flower garden than in front of my computer. The “mind” component of healing is not given enough credit or importance. I am always happy to speak with people, however. This journey we are on requires comfort, support, and companionship.The best to you, Trish. Feel free to contact me at any time. I am most happy to converse at length with you and answer any questions.
      with much support and kindness,

  4. My husband was diagnosed with MS in 2014. At this point his symptoms are unsteady gait, balance issues, and tingling in his extremities at times. He is taking Tecfidera. We have been looking into starting Paleo. He also has restless legs at night really bad. Has anyone ever reported an improvement with restless legs?

    • Yes. I personally know of people who improved restless leg by removal of grains from their diet. My functional med doc tells me part of what I am recovering from is 20 years of Betaseron injections which trashed my immune system. I believe her. I would encourage your husband to go Paleo and find a functional medicine doc to do some basic testing of sensitivities/allergies to foods, harboring of bad bugs in his gut, and baseline levels of Vitamin D, Zinc, etc. Even if he’s taking Tecfidera he may still be doing damage by eating things he’s allergic to (just as I was).
      I wish you all the best. Please let me know if you have more questions.
      Be well, Tracie

    • I’ve been paleo since August 2012. Please see paleo and rheumatoid arthritis post or just search on paleo and see all the posts related. Remember whatever diet you are following, one really benefits from having the proper food sensitivity and nutritional testing done by a professional such that you know exactly what you are sensitive to (for instance I can’t have coconut).
      Be well,

  5. Hello,
    Thank you for your sharing.
    I am 42. My mom has had MS since her early twenties. I now have psoriasis, IBS, tingling hands and feet and lips, foot and toe cramps and pain. I am a single mom, full-time student, living a world away from my family. I currently have medicaid and am considering getting MRI. My primary had offered it years ago. My dilemma is that I might be losing my insurance next year and am worried about ending up with a diagnosed pre-existing condition. Not sure how that would effect my future insurance. My mom is disabled. I have eliminated gluten and dairy and sugar. Starting to eliminate grains. Added supplements. I suspect that if I was diagnosed with MS I would turn to acupuncture (if finances allow) and anti-inflammatory diet and meditation plus EFT and not medication, but if I had the diagnosis I would live in fear of that decision being correct…and maybe had some pressure from family to do meds. I am very scared:(. I cannot decide if I should get that MRI or not. I am also confused why the Swank diet seems equally successful as paleo if they are opposite each other?
    Oh, one more symptom – cold and wettish feeling on legs. All these symptoms come and go and move around rather quickly. I had them in the past and they went away but not they are stronger.
    So, would you think that there is a benefit to having that MRI or would that just start me on an endless road of more exams?
    Thank you.

    • Hello,
      I’m sorry you’re having such difficulty. I wouldn’t have the MRI simply because it doesn’t sound like it’s going to change what you are going to do or how you will respond. It may also being you more pressure from family. This you DO NOT NEED!!
      You have one autoimmune in psoriasis, believe you may have another with your personal history (mom), why not go on strict autoimmune paleo, begin any self-care modalities you can (acupuncture, meditation etc). Remember without proper food sensitivity testing you won’t know exactly what you are allergic to (for instance I can’t have coconut), but autoimmune paleo is a huge step in the right direction.

      Additionally, the fear and worry around these decisions is not helping you. The meditation will help! See my last post about the book, The last best cure. and get a copy!! She does a wonderful job explaining her personal journey with disease and healing.
      Keep me posted or feel free to ask more questions. Believe there are caring people around you!
      Be well and be strong!

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