2014-06-17 14.43.14Chocolate. I remember when I first began paleo in August 2012 and realized I couldn’t have sugar. It was devastating, but when I cheated (even a little), my hands became claws from the effects of RA. This was real motivation NOT to have any type or amount of sugar–even dark chocolate with its negligible amount of sugar.

I am happy to report that 2 years later, 6 months into killing off my candida, and several months into killing off my camyplobacter/clostridia populations, I am now able to taste a tiny bit of chocolate without disastrous results to my hands. I just had to do the experiment and it was worth the wait. Associating chocolate with pain is not a healthy thing. read more

more benefits of green tea

We’ve looked at increased brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) activity, preventing dementia, and catechine, theanine etc levels, but what is the result of all that? Increased neurogensis! It turns out that some of it is making new connections for us as evidenced by Green tea extract enhances parieto-frontal connectivity during working memory processing.

Notably, the magnitude of green tea induced increase in parieto-frontal connectivity positively correlated with improvement in task performance. read more

leaky gut info

This Secret Illness Could be Making You Sick

The secret illness that may be causing all of your health problems. Very succinctly stated and very accurate. This amazing infographic is a detailed yet concise explanation of leaky gut. I know it’s at the root of both of my autoimmune conditions, MS and RA. I’m busily trying to remedy that with every morsel of food, every probiotic capsule, and every supplement I consume. It’s a work in progress. Thank you to the worlds of paleo and functional medicine. read more


Just a short note here to document the fact that I left the house for my morning stroll yesterday AM without Oscar (my WalkAide) present on my left leg.

Oscar, my WalkAide

Oscar, my WalkAide

I got part way down the street before realizing this. I could have turned around and retrieved him, but I instead chose to go for a much shorter walk with my walker and without Oscar. I will always find things like this utterly amazing. I’m regaining function thanks to paleo and functional medicine.


When this email The Benefits of the Paleo Diet in Post Operative Care came across my desk, I was both surprised and unsurprised. Surprised from the view that more healthcare practitioners have not seen the benefits of paleo on their trade and unsurprised because I knew of those benefits first-hand.

In the summer of 2013, I had dental surgery which included an extraction. A temporary bridge was put in place while the socket healed. I returned within a week to have the site examined and later to have the permanent bridge placed. The information the dentist office gave me for “care of the site” was quite detailed including foods I might want to enjoy while I was healing and having difficulty with my mouth. The list included OJ, pudding, yogurt, jello, sports drinks, and other sugar-laden items. Being paleo, and knowing that sugar causes inflammation, I avoided all such items instead opting for real food which had been minced and continuous cups of green tea. I not only drank green tea several times per day, but I also held the warm elixir in my mouth to bathe the extraction site. read more

Dr. Hyman

Another great video to watch. It’s 22 minutes of your time, but when the speaker is functional medicine MD, Dr. Mark Hyman, it is definitely worth it! He’s speaking via a MindBodyGreen Symposium on everything from what we know about food, why sugar is a recreational drug and the best decision you can make about what you put in your body. Watch Sugar & The Only Rules You Need To Eat Healthy now!


I happened upon this short excerpt of Dr. Amy Myers (a functional medicine MD) speaking at a Wellness Summit about people’s skewed view of health, normalcy, and diet. She sums up society’s problems in a few short sentences.

I addressed this in my post about functional vs. traditional, and I am still having these conversations with people. For them, it is just so much easier to take a pill than to change your lifestyle and diet for the sake of your health.

PS A friend of mine with RA was aghast that occasionally I eat cauliflower for breakfast. I believe she’s currently on 3 different meds for her condition while I remain Big Pharma-free. read more


Yes another movie trailer for your viewing pleasure. This one is a three minute sneak peek from the Carb-Loaded documentary which is currently in post-production. Maybe with enough information out there illustrating how bad the USDA-“recommended” diet is for us, the general public will begin to take notice? One of the people behind the film:

  • …was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 2010. Once he learned how common diabetes had become he knew what his next big film project had to be about.
  • read more

    more and more green tea

    evening matcha

    evening matcha

    In yet another study, Green tea component upsets cancer cell metabolism, we see more benefits of drinking green tea. This particular study shows that epigallocatechin gallate or “EGCG,” our favorite active biological agent of green tea, changes the metabolism of pancreatic cancer cells by suppressing the expression of lactate dehydrogenase A (LDHA), a critical enzyme in cancer metabolism.

    • “By explaining how green tea’s active component could prevent cancer, this study will open the door to a whole new area of cancer research and help us understand how other foods can prevent cancer or slow the growth of cancerous cells.”

    It’s summertime, but there’s no reason NOT to enjoy green tea when the temperatures rise. Hibiki-an supplies us with some great recipes for iced green tea. read more