A recent NY Times article, An inconvenient truth about our food by Mark Bittman, talks about the newly released movie, Fed Up.

• The problem at hand, of course, is the standard American diet, especially in its current iteration, which took shape in the early 1980s after the commencement of the official “eat food lower in fat” recommendations. Those recommendations led to a 25 percent increase in the per-capita supply (and indeed consumption) of calories.
• Many of those calories were from sugar, on which “Fed Up” focuses (oversimplifying matters a bit, as far as I can tell, but we can live with that), and the high consumption of which contributes or leads to obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and worse. The vested interests profiting from this situation are Big Food and its allies, who will, it seems, go to any lengths to maintain the status quo — even at the cost of our collective public and financial health. (It’s expensive to treat these chronic diseases, and we’re all footing that bill.) read more