tweeking my biochemistry

Appointment with my fabulous functional medicine MD this morning to go over my NutrEval retest. Where are we after two years paleo + supplements? Much improved would be the answer, but I could have told you that! The interesting part, however, is that we now know my system well enough that we are able to use the data to tweek my biochemistry. I still have urticaria occasionally and itchiness caused by things like the Itraconazole I briefly used to kill Candida. Seems my methylation isn’t quite where it should be so I don’t have enough spare methyls to deactivate my histamine reaction to die-off caused by the Itraconazole. Hmm. We know I have a methylation defect so let’s add a bit more MTHF. I’m also low in glycine one of the components of glutathione (soucre of sulfate and plays a key role in antioxidant activity and detoxification). This is probably another reason I’m having trouble clearing my body of die-off debris. NutrEval still shows I’m a bit low in zinc and lipoic acid so there’s more of those in my future, too. I show some markers for bacteria and Candida, but I’m continuing on my SF722 and Allimed while waiting for the results of the GI Effects Microbial Ecology Profile – Stool I submitted on September 4th for all the details. This wll be back by the time I return from Japan. My blood chemistries are pristine, and my inflammatory markers have declined. Great new for someone with two auto-immune diseases!! read more

breaking through mental blocks

I’ve been on a bit of a rampage of late. I discovered a mental block which was impeding my progress and encouraging me to put off several beneficial courses of action until we returned from our fall trip to Japan. I understand that sticking to my strict paleo diet is necessary, but I also know that there may be other pieces of the puzzle to find and incorporate.

Normally I’m trying to get everything done BEFORE we depart so I don’t have a stack of stuff waiting to be done when we return. Somehow I allowed myself to skate past that for several items namely beginning a physical therapy re-education program for my awakening nervous system, making/consuming bone broth on a regular basis, and trying a new med for my Candida problem. Thank you to Emma for unknowingly giving a nudge with her strength and motivation. read more


2014-06-17 14.43.14Chocolate. I remember when I first began paleo in August 2012 and realized I couldn’t have sugar. It was devastating, but when I cheated (even a little), my hands became claws from the effects of RA. This was real motivation NOT to have any type or amount of sugar–even dark chocolate with its negligible amount of sugar.

I am happy to report that 2 years later, 6 months into killing off my candida, and several months into killing off my camyplobacter/clostridia populations, I am now able to taste a tiny bit of chocolate without disastrous results to my hands. I just had to do the experiment and it was worth the wait. Associating chocolate with pain is not a healthy thing. read more


In a previous appointment with my functional medicine MD, we discussed possible ways to kill of my population of bad bacteria—namely Campylobacter and some Clostridia. None of the options looked appealing (antibiotics), but recently there have been good results reported with some garlic-based supplements. I began these on April 14th and will continue for at least 3 months while increasing the dose.

I remain on my SF722 to kill off the candida for another 2 months for a total of 6 months.

At the end of these protocols will be additional samples to insure I am clear of the unwanted guests. read more

paleo bandwagon

I received an email recently from an web-based Italian-type food store where I used to purchase pasta etc. prior to discovering my gluten problem and going paleo. They are trying to cash-in on people practicing the paleo lifestyle by advertising food products they believe will fit in well including vinegar, tomato sauce, and honey. While I cannot consume vinegar, tomato sauce, or honey, many people eating paleo DO consume these items. Just be aware of what you are consuming and how it may impact your health. read more

die-off: it’s a pain II

Late-breaking news:
Since last November, I occasionally experience the following sensation—a sudden clearing of my nasal airways almost like I am breathing very cold air or sucking on a mentholated cough drop. It is a slight burning and even feels itchy in my nose. The back of my throat is slightly itchy, as well. I feel as if I can’t take a deep breath—almost like I am going to have an asthma attack.

I’ve tried eliminating different foods although my diet has remained constant throughout this period. I have been unable to pinpoint the source of my discomfort though I have done MANY experiments. read more

die-off: it’s a pain

During the recent past it has finally been accepted, for the most part, that gut flora plays a huge part in our general health. More and more scientists and physicians are taking seriously the gut’s role.

I have fungal dysbiosis. In other words, my gut flora was very messed up from years of antibiotics, steroids etc. not to mention eating gluten and causing leaky gut and a plethora of food allergies. It’s not surprising that remedying that situation was part of my functional medicine MD’s plan. read more